About us


Through owning closed and responsible value chains; VHN aims to build a complete ecosystem, bring good values ​​to all members involved, put Vietnam on the world map as a supplier of quality seafood products. head.


At VHN, we constantly combine experience, creativity, and responsibility in the entire seafood production value chain, from beginning to end. Our mission is to provide the global market with the best, cleanest, and most nutritious Vietnamese seafood products; and at the same time bring consumers peace of mind and the best experience at every table, in every meal.

What sets VHN apart is that we manufacture our products not only based on common consumer needs, but also driven by historical, cultural, and historical values. Sustainable development goals such as: ensuring food hygiene and safety, protecting the environment, balancing social benefits, and taking care of animal welfare.

VHN’s core values ​​and criteria are accurately reflected through the Group’s logo and slogan.

Icon Logo: Symbol of Trust.

The eight pieces of the logo represent eight core values ​​and are also the foundation that we have been constantly building, preserving, and promoting over the past 25 years.


VHN’s strategy in the coming period is to form a closed global seafood value chain that puts Vietnam on the map as a leading supplier of quality seafood. VHN focuses on creating seafood products of different value, creating a clear competitive advantage that competitors cannot have.

In 2015, VHN developed a strategy of the global seafood value chain, through connecting and closing production stages to bring the highest production efficiency with the most optimal cost.